Grief. Release. Heal 


If you are silent about your pain, it will kill you and say you enjoyed it - Zola Neale Hurston.  


It takes sacrifice to have a deeper connection and relationship with ourselves.  

We don’t want to feel feelings, and we don’t want to face and deal with our traumas, our minds, and the negativity that is going on. We don’t want to know ourselves because there’s a shadow there we don’t want to address. But that’s where the knowledge resides.  

If we’re trying to tap into our true essence and live thy truth, we need to understand our shadows and our reality and get into a deeper relationship with ourselves.  





We have to grieve our traumas and pain. If there’s anything that you speeded up before you finish grieving, go back to it. Allow yourself to receive all the emotions. Either in dancing form, crying, painting, listening to music, singing. Whatever it takes, grief. Grief is a part of life—even animal grief.  
If we skip through the grief, we glance at the healing.  



The Healing in dancing with thySelf (watch video) 




I found and still find so much knowledge within my shadows. Tuning into myself and look dead on into my soul. 


So, as the shadow work process really starts to anchoring into my own body, mind, and soul, I hope that I can continue helping others healing through my art. I hope that more people tune into their inner Selves and deep dive into the infinite internal water, and embrace every wave they carry.   

Know ThySelf  

KingCyborg - Shadow Work Through Melodies

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