Tend to your pain. Free yourself. 

                                                                       Our Models Of Grief Are broken

Lately, I've been contemplating a lot about the world's inability to be present with the pain and how it causes us to feel alone, to feel anger, and resentful. To not be at peace with ourselves. We are taught that we need to get over the pain as soon as possible. It's one of the reasons why we are all drowning and lacking in self-love. For instance, if a loved one passes away, there is no way to ease the pain. You have to allow yourself to feel your feelings and emotions. You are going through a hard time and facing the situation is one of the examples of Shadow Work self-practice.



Our thoughts have a hold over our bodies, and stress is not something you always know you have. It lodges deep, deep down in our subconscious. It might be a worry, a dread, a wave of anger or sadness, like the grief that hasn't disappeared, faded back into oppressed memories. And we are left feeling like we are hanging by a fraying rope. 

There is no good in oppressing your emotions. We are not here to fix the pain. Allow yourself to feel sad. Allow yourself to be angry.  

Your journey for soul healing and inner bonding starts now! And I couldn't be happier for you. It's gon' be messy, tho! But you know that I know that you know that YOU GOT THIS!

Tend to your pain. Free yourself. 



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